Monday, April 30, 2012

My Early Morning Excursion to L'Aroma

Located at 85 Newbury Street, L'Aroma Cafe is on the Boston Common end of Newbury Street. A friend who lives & works on Newbury Street gave this place a glowing recommendation & told me I must do a review of this place if I was serious about talking Boston coffee.
Newbury Street is so peaceful at 7:00am! And what a beautiful morning. Sunshine, a breeze and not a gaggle of tourists in sight. Delightful.

 L'Aroma was a little tough to spot on street level but from what I had heard I knew it was worth finding! Don't be fooled by the clothes store display window, the cafe is downstairs.

Inside L'Aroma has almost an underground pub feel to it but with the beautiful light of a great cafe. The baristas are delightful and knowledgeable about their menu. They were quick to recommend me a drink when I asked and were really interested in hearing more about BeantownCoffee!

My favorite beantown experience so far! I went with the staff-recommended nocciobello (hazelnut & mocha) and a toasted spinach & feta croissant. Both were luxurious & flavorful.

Conclusion: I wish I could breakfast here every morning!

My Visit to The Thinking Cup Coffee

Located at 165 Tremont Street, The Thinking Cup Coffee Bar is right on the beautiful Boston Common. Their front door is between the Boylston & Park Street stops on the Green Line if you're looking to make a trip. :) I came on the reccomendation of a woman who lives in an apartment a few doors down from this place & she said she spends all her money here. If only!
Their front door is simple but easy to spot. In the reflection of the glass door you can actually see the gorgeous Boston Common. If you can get a seat in the bar at the window it's an absolutely stunning view!

Inside the Thinking Cup is a beautiful, warm cafe with wood floors & exposed brick. Very rustic Boston with the warm lighting and use of natural materials.

Gorgeous cupcake display at The Thinking Cup. I'm here for breakfast but has anyone tried these?

Bacon, egg & cheese on a croissant. The egg & bacon are cooked fresh & the croissant is flaky & just a tiny bit sweet. I could eat this every day!

Absolutely stunning hazelnut latte at the Thinking Cup. This was recommended by the barista and was frothy and full-flavored.

Conclusion: The Thinking Cup is one of my new favorite cafes in Boston! Unfortunately it's not convenient to where I live right now but I'd consider moving downtown to be closer to this amazing place! ;)


Friday, April 27, 2012

My visit to Cafe Fixe

Cafe Fixe can be found at 1642 Beacon Street in the heart of Washington Square. Just a heads up, at a busy time of day, parking in this area can be a challenge. However, the C Line stops steps from their front door!

Their facade is cute & modern with 2 tables outside for sunny days. A man sitting outside told me that Cafe Fixe has the best coffee in Boston. Well, let's see!

 The "affogato" aka espresso with a dollop of Russian sweet-cream ice cream. The espresso is dark & bitter, a perfect contrast to the sweet ice cream.

A beautiful, fresh croissant with jam & butter for under $3? Count me in!

Conclusion: Best coffee in Boston? I'm not sure, there are still so many I have to try but I will say that their espresso was the smoothest I have had yet. Their food was delicious and well-priced for a cafe with such expensive beverages. Be careful how many extra shots you get here, it adds up quickly! I would definitely come here for my first morning coffee and perhaps later in the afternoon for a snack as well.

My visit to Angora Cafe

Outside facade at 1024 Comm Ave

Angora has an ice cream parlor/diner feel to it. Tough to pass up the froyo right at the front!

 Angora's couches are adorable & make me feel like I'm sitting in a friend's living room!

Their Orange Cappuccino is foamy & tastes like a mild Terry's Chocolate Orange. I wish the flavors were stronger.

Conclusion: Overall, Angora is the kind of cafe that people visit for the food, not the coffee. My drink was mediocre but I've had great food from here before, including their flatbread pizzas. Skip Angora for your morning joe but definitely keep it in mind for a light dinner.
Gorgeous latte art from Blue State Coffee
Espresso Royale Iced Chai
Spicy & sweet, a great way to start the morning. :)

Welcome to Beantown! (Coffee, that is)

My Instagram & Twitter have been up for a couple months now but were difficult to search so I'll be transferring all my old posts over here as quickly as I can.

Please comment leaving recommendations of coffee places you'd like me to review in Boston! I am always looking for suggestions! I'm currently typing this post in L'Aroma at 85 Newbury Street which I am trying on the recommendation of one of my followers.