Friday, April 27, 2012

My visit to Cafe Fixe

Cafe Fixe can be found at 1642 Beacon Street in the heart of Washington Square. Just a heads up, at a busy time of day, parking in this area can be a challenge. However, the C Line stops steps from their front door!

Their facade is cute & modern with 2 tables outside for sunny days. A man sitting outside told me that Cafe Fixe has the best coffee in Boston. Well, let's see!

 The "affogato" aka espresso with a dollop of Russian sweet-cream ice cream. The espresso is dark & bitter, a perfect contrast to the sweet ice cream.

A beautiful, fresh croissant with jam & butter for under $3? Count me in!

Conclusion: Best coffee in Boston? I'm not sure, there are still so many I have to try but I will say that their espresso was the smoothest I have had yet. Their food was delicious and well-priced for a cafe with such expensive beverages. Be careful how many extra shots you get here, it adds up quickly! I would definitely come here for my first morning coffee and perhaps later in the afternoon for a snack as well.

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