Monday, April 30, 2012

My Early Morning Excursion to L'Aroma

Located at 85 Newbury Street, L'Aroma Cafe is on the Boston Common end of Newbury Street. A friend who lives & works on Newbury Street gave this place a glowing recommendation & told me I must do a review of this place if I was serious about talking Boston coffee.
Newbury Street is so peaceful at 7:00am! And what a beautiful morning. Sunshine, a breeze and not a gaggle of tourists in sight. Delightful.

 L'Aroma was a little tough to spot on street level but from what I had heard I knew it was worth finding! Don't be fooled by the clothes store display window, the cafe is downstairs.

Inside L'Aroma has almost an underground pub feel to it but with the beautiful light of a great cafe. The baristas are delightful and knowledgeable about their menu. They were quick to recommend me a drink when I asked and were really interested in hearing more about BeantownCoffee!

My favorite beantown experience so far! I went with the staff-recommended nocciobello (hazelnut & mocha) and a toasted spinach & feta croissant. Both were luxurious & flavorful.

Conclusion: I wish I could breakfast here every morning!

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